Round and Round the Garden, by Alan Ayckbourn

9-13th Nov 2010, Mill Theatre, Dundrum

Love is a many-splintered thing in Alan Ayckbourn’s Round and Round the Garden.

Perhaps “love” is too strong a word for weary marriages and passing fancies. But the splinters, brambles and other inconveniences are tools for high hilarity in the hands of an expert ensemble.

CAST: ANNIE – Deirdre McCabe, TOM – Noel Gaskin, NORMAN – Edward Kelly, REG – Tony Matthews, SARAH – Nuala Kirby, RUTH – Rosemary O’Loughlin
PRODUCTION: DIRECTOR – Moira Walsh, ASSISTANT – Orla Morgan, STAGE MANAGER – Denise Guiney, SET/POSTER DESIGN – Deirdre Connick, SET CONSTRUCTION – Sean Heney, Joseph McPartlin, MAKE-UP – Ruth Draper, WARDROBE – Patricia Prendervill, LIGHTING DESIGN – Gary O’Daly, PUBLICITY – Joe McPartlin, Rosemary O’Loughlin, Linda Kinsella