About Us

Sandyford Little Theatre Company has been in existence since 1934.

We have a highly talented team who produce both Irish and international plays. We choose well written narrative plays that are both entertaining and thought provoking.

In the past decade, a reinvigorated Sandyford Little Theatre Company has emerged as one of the leading players in the local theatre scene.

Striving for excellence in all aspects of our productions, we are noted for our high standards both in artistic and technical areas.

Our beginnings 

Fit-Up theatre was a regular feature of social life in Ireland in the 1930′s with up to 50 companies on the road at the height of their popularity. At a time when people were preoccupied with rationing and the ‘Emergency’ the arrival of the Fit-Ups brought welcome distraction as a well as entertainment to many a small town.

In 1934, a travelling theatre company arrived in Stepaside Village at the end of a long season on the road. One of the group, Mike O’Grady, remained behind and formed the Sandyford Little Theatre. Other founder members were Mick Doyle, Bridie Doherty, Anna Doherty and Charlie Rourke. The Sandyford Library, Lambs Cross, became the regular venue for their productions.

Performing twice annually at The Mill Theatre we are also looking forward to taking our shows on the road reminiscent of our ‘Fit-up’ theatre roots.

Sandyford Little Theatre Company was awarded the Cathaoirleach’s Award for dedicated contribution to the Arts.

We are at present welcoming new membership. If you would like to be considered visit Join Us.


Sandyford started as a company making work for a local audience but we have now found ourselves creating challenging and accessible theatre for a diverse local and international audience.

Sandyford builds a team for each project.  We are an ever-changing ensemble, a kind of strange family who engage with the world with a sense of community and identity.  The company changes for each project, there are those who have worked together for a long time and those who have just arrived. We look to surprise each other, to take leaps in the dark but there is no given formula for making the work. If we were to have a manifesto it might include words like generosity, passion, bravery, humility, ambition and instinct. These words have become the secret principles that guide our work.

Although we could never have planned this; there has been no great plan, just dreams and aspirations.  We have survived because we have actively evolved. We have committed to our home, our craft, to each other and to change.