An Evening of Works by Alan Bennett

18th-22nd Oct, 2011. The Mill Theatre Dundrum.

A Woman of Letters

A monologue written by Alan Bennett in 1987 for television, as part of his Talking Heads series for the BBC. This satirical tragic-comedy is about a middle aged woman called Irene Ruddock who writes letters of criticism and the short period in her life when her letter writing is most malicious and trouble making.

Bed Among the Lentils

Another monologue taken from the Talking Heads series. Susan is the miserable wife of a adored vicar, whose life starts to look up when she encounters the local Indian grocer.

A Visit From Miss Prothero

After the death of his beloved wife and three decades running Warburtons – the nature of the business is never specified but sounds mind-numbingly tedious – Mr Dodgson has retired. Four months in, he’s discovered a contentedness in a life beyond work thanks to a social whirl of bowling, Rotary and pottery classes. But peace is disrupted by an impromptu visit from the busybody of the title, who, in the guise of bringing him up to date, makes him question his entire life’s legacy.

 DIRECTOR – Joe McPartlin