April Bright, Dermot Bolger

3rd – 7th November 2015, Mill Theatre Dundrum 8.00 p.m. 

April Bright tells the story of two families who live in the same terraced house in Dublin 50 years apart. In the 1990’s a young couple move into a now empty house and are instantly visited by a stranger. This person unnerves the already uncomfortable young woman resulting in conflict as the visitor evokes the tragic memories of an earlier family who had lived there. Their stories are played out simultaneously and the eerie atmosphere is palpable as they come to terms with their own realities. A story of innocence, tragedy and ultimately hope for the future.


 CAST: SEAN HEALY – Brendan Phelan, ANNA BYRNE – Ashley Cox, THE CALLER – Nuala Kirby, ROSIE BRIGHT – Elaine Walsh, APRIL BRIGHT – Gillian Harte, KATE BRIGHT – Dee O’Sullivan, EAMONN BRIGHT – Aidan O’Rourke
PRODUCTION: DIRECTOR – Moira Walsh, ASS. DIRECTOR – Noel Gaskin, LIGHTING – Gary Daly, STAGE MANAGER – Lorraine Hanlon, ASS. STAGE MANAGER – Vicky Moran, Karen Pappin, BACKSTAGE – Vicky Moran, Ann Irwin, SET – Tom Ronayne, PROPS – Karen Pappin, Paul O’Mahony, COSTUME Roisin Walsh, POSTER DESIGN – Rebecca Pitt, PUBLICITY – Karen Pappin