Sive by John B Keane

17-21 April 2007, The Mill Theatre, Dundrum Town Centre.

Sive is the story of a young girl who, after the death of her mother, lives with her uncle Mike, his wife Mena and her grandmother Nanna.

She attends the local convent school and is in love with a local lad, Liam Scuab. The arrival of the local matchmaker Tomasheen Sean Rua begins a tragic spiral of events whereby Mena is lured into agreeing to have Sive matched in marriage against her will to a rich lecherous farmer.

The enfolding tragedy is played out against a background of greed and insensitivity on the part of those in a position of trust.

CAST: NANNA GALVIN – Ann Clinton, MENA GALVIN – Nuala Kirby, SIVE – Elaine Walsh, TOMASHEEN SEAN RUA – Tony Matthews, MICK GALVIN – Joe McPartlin, LIAM SCUAB – Eric Keogh, SEAN DOTA – Charles Clinton, PATS BOCOCK – J T Smyth, CARTHALAWN – Kate Smyth.
PRODUCTION: DIRECTOR – Moira Walsh, PRODUCTION MANAGER – Linda Kinsella, SET CONSTRUCTION – Sean Heney, PAINTING – Colette Murphy, STAGE MANAGERS – Denise Guiney & Dick Tobin, BACK STAGE – Myra McPartlin, Jennifer Denton, Ciaran Treacy, LIGHTING – Barry Bessant, PHOTOGRAPHY – Marius Tatu, PROGRAMME – Tony Matthews, COSTUME – Helen Mulvany, MAKE-UP – Dick Tobin.