SLTCo on Tour: Gaslight

SLTCo were invited back to Nice to perform our 2014 production of Gaslight.

3rd – 4th October, Hotel Villa la Tour, 4 Rue de la Tour, 06300, Nice

Gaslight, A Radio Play for Stage, a thriller based on the classic film noir, tells the story of a young woman, Paula, who falls in love with Gregory, a man several years her senior. She is swept along by his charm from their idyllic honeymoon in Milan to their perfect home in London. But Gregory’s love soon becomes sinister, driving his wife to doubt her sanity.

Who is this Gregory and what is really his motive in marrying Paula?

The immediacy of Paula’s fear is palpable and the unbearable suspense that is created by Gregory’s manipulation of Paula will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

24 characters played by 7 actors with live singing, music and sound effects.


Directed by MOIRA WALSH

 CAST: Noel Gaskin, Ann Irwin, Edward Kelly, Nuala Kirby, Tony Matthews, Deirdre McCabe, Elaine Walsh