Harvey by Mary Chase

2006, The Mill Theatre, Dundrum

Elwood P. Dowd causes his society-conscious sister Veta and her man-hungry daughter much embarrassment when he introduces everyone he meets to his beloved friend Harvey.

Harvey is an invisible six-foot one-and-a-half-inch pooka in the form of a rabbit.

When Veta tries to commit Elwood to the Chumley’s Rest sanitarium to be rid of Harvey forever, Dr. Sanderson doubts her sanity, and she unwillingly becomes a patient herself. The laughs caused by this case of mistaken insanity have entertained audiences for years and might be sufficient in themselves to explain the play’s continued popularity, but the almost magical relationship of Harvey and Elwood is the true center of the play.

 CAST: MYRTLE MAY SIMMONS – Clodagh O’Connell, VETA LOUISE SIMMONS – Ann Clinton, ELWOOD P DOWD – Joe McPartlin, MRS ETHEL CHAUVENET – Colette Murphy, RUTH KELLY – Lucy Mannion, DUANE WILSON – John T Smyth, LYMAN SANDERSON MD – Shane Bradley, WILLIAM R CHUMLEY MD – Charles Clinton, BETTY CHUMLEY – Linda Kinsella, JUDGE OMAR GAFFNEY – Tony Matthews, E J LOFGREN – Dick Tobin
 PRODUCTION: DIRECTOR – Moira Walsh, STAGE MANAGER – Shirley, ASM – Denise Guiney, STAGE ASSISTANTS – Caoimhe Nolan, Caitriona, LIGHTING DESIGN – Noel V Hogan, TECHNICAL MANAGER – Lynn Darcy, COSTUMES – Helen Mulvany, SET – Sean Heney, David Heney, ORIGINAL PAINTINGS AND PROGRAMME DRAWING – Colette Murphy