Cause Celebre by Terence Rattigan

17-21st April 2012. Mill Theatre, Dundrum Town Centre.

The play is based on the real-life story of Alma Rattenbury. In 1935 Alma was tried, alongside her teenage lover, the chauffeur, for the murder of her 68-year old third husband Francis Rattenbury. Both, but particularly Alma, were proclaimed filthy by the press; one was found guilty.

Society at the time was both scandalised and enthralled by the trial because of the crime but even more so because of Alma taking such a young lover who was her employee to boot! Alma’s belief that “this is a lovely world and we’re put in it to enjoy it” may cause its own havoc and land her in the dock, but it is, Rattigan implies, a better philosophy to live by.

CAST: ALMA RATTENBURY – Deirdre McCabe, FRANCIS RATTENBURY – Rory Corvin, CHRISTOPHER – Thomas Meleady, IRENE RIGGS – Sabina Bonnici, GEORGE WOOD – Matthew O’Brien EDITH DAVENPORT – Nuala Kirby JOHN DAVENPORT – Ken McEvoy TONY DAVENPORT – Oran O’Rua STELLA MORRISON – Anna E Basquille RANDOLPH BROWNE – Edward Kelly JUDGE – Joseph McPartlin O’CONNOR – Noel Gaskin CROOM-JOHNSON – Dick Tobin CASSWELL – Brendan Phelan MONTAGU – Richard Doyle COURT CLERK – Garry McNulty JOAN WEBSTER – Una Twyford SERGEANT BAGWELL – Tony Matthews PORTER – Garry McNulty STENOGRAPHER – Ann Irwin CORONER – Patrick Dowling
PRODUCTION: DIRECTOR – Moira Walsh, STAGE MANAGER – Denise Guiney, ASS. STAGE MANAGERS – Vicky Moran, Caoimhe Nolan, VOICE COACH – Rosemary O’Loughlin, LIGHTING & SOUND – Gary O’Daly, POSTER DESIGN – Deirdre Connick, SET CONSTRUCTION – Tom Roynane, MAKE-UP – Elaine Walsh, Jean Henry, Paula Mealey, COSTUMES – Mary Foster, Anne Murphy, PUBLICITY – Joe McPartlin, PHOTOGRAPHY – Rock Photography