I Have Been Here Before by J.B. Priestley

13-16th June 2005, Lamb Doyles

The action takes place during a Whit weekend in the 1930s, in a small guesthouse in Co Wicklow, home to Sam Shipley, his sister Sally and her absent son Charlie.  One guest is already in residence, a  Mr Oliver Farrant.  The unexpected appearance of a mysterious German emigre, Dr Gortler, and at the same time the arrival from Dublin of a wealthy businessman Walter Ormund and his wife Janet starts off a chain of events that alters all their lives forever.

 CAST: SALLY PRATT – Linda Kinsella, SAM SHIPLEY – Tony Matthews, DR. GORTLER – Charles Clinton, OLIVER FARRANT – Billy Byrne, JANET ORMUND – Helen Mulvany, WALTER ORMUND – Joe McPartlin
 PRODUCTION: DIRECTOR – Moira Walsh, STAGE MANAGER – Ann Clinton, LIGHTING – Gary O’Daly, SOUND – Tom Ronayne