House and Garden by Alan Ayckbourn

20– 24 November, 2012. The Mill Theatre, Dundrum Town Centre.

Wildly comic, Love is the theme in what many critics consider to be Ayckbourn’s best play.

How easy it is to fail one’s partner, how difficult to express love directly, without games of evasion and manipulation. The matter of the play is deeply serious: nothing less than modern morality.

Ayckbourn’s treatment is hilarious, yet his characters carry inside of them, or cause in others, a large measure of sadness and dejection.

CAST: TEDDY PLATT – Noel Gaskin, TRISH PLATT – Nuala Kirby, SALLY PLATT – Elaine Walsh, GILES MACE – Dick Tobin, JOANNA MACE – Sandra Sheridan, JAKE MACE – Ronan Murphy. GAVIN RING-MAYNE – Brendan Phelan, IZZIE TRUCE – Ann Irwin, PEARL TRUCE – Jennifer Higgins, LUCILLE CADEAU – Sabina Bonnici, FRAN – Garry McNulty.
PRODUCTION: DIRECTOR – Moira Walsh, ASSISTANT TO THE DIRECTOR – Una Twyford, STAGE MANAGER – Denise Guiney, Joe McPartlin, ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGERS – Jean Henry, Vicky Moran, LIGHTING & SOUND – Gary O’Daly, SET DESIGN – Alan Walsh, Moira Walsh, GRAPHIC DESIGN – Deirdre Connick, FRENCH COACHES – Emilie Brassch, Kesia Grandsimon, COSTUMES – Actors, PUBLICITY – Joe McPartlin.